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Accurate and automated valuation for all stocks globally. Save countless hours scanning through stocks and building DCFs yourself.

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Accurate intrinsic value

Automated Discounted Cash Flow using only public historical+macro data, Prof. Damodaran's estimates and unbiased consensus forecasts.

Global coverage

Up-to-date and accurate financial data for over 45,000 stocks on 60 major exchanges globally with unlimited data export capability.

Powerful stock screener

Find the most undervalued/overvalued stocks with our world-class screener that supports hundreds of metrics.

Monitor the market for opportunities

Keep track of your favorite stocks' performance with our exceptional watchlists.

A research-based valuation platform

We incorporate all publicly available and unbiased company data into our DCF. Therefore, our valuation is as close as it gets to the intrinsic value of a stock. Nonetheless, you have full visibility and control over the assumptions when you export the models to Excel/Sheets.

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